Fiscal Responsibility With Economic Sanity

The Preamble of the Constitution specifies the purpose of government. Financially, government is responsible to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty. Every government budget decision must meet and be limited to these purposes.

Too often, California’s budget is driven and bloated by social engineering and pet projects outside of these guidelines. As a result, core needs are not being met and unfunded obligations are mushrooming. Numbers can’t lie. If we had the determination to do so, we could meet our needs (as defined previously) and pay down our obligations and set aside emergency reserves – just like we all do at our kitchen tables every month.

When government limits itself to meeting its core responsibilities, enterprise is freed to grow, and consequently provide more resources to the state. Onerous taxes and regulations on enterprise defeat core economic growth, resulting in declining revenue and job losses.


Almost 400 years ago, our Founding Fathers took an amazing step of faith to create a new nation on the foundation of worshipping God and economic self-determination. Then later, the most adventurous of these answered the call to Go West!

Our freedom to worship – or not – as individuals choose is a core American principle. Churches have uniquely provided positive cultural support for our communities. Recently, our state and county leaders have imposed arbitrary restrictions specifically on Churches and Church activities, denying citizens their religious rights and communities the many benefits of vibrant centers of worship.

Americans are uniquely blessed with economic opportunities. We can choose our professions, and then choose the circumstances of our work. Some choose corporate structure, some seek union, and entrepreneurs forge their own paths. Many choose to set their own schedules and work as independent contractors. Recently, aggressive Union leaders have passed destructive laws to make independent contract employment illegal, to force all workers into their restrictive structure.

Providing for the common defense is a foundational purpose of our government. Community based law enforcement meets our most basic safety needs and should been gratefully supported and promoted. Our safety is enhanced because we also have the Constitutional right to own firearms. As citizens, we appreciate our police and treat our 2nd Amendments rights responsibly. Recent proposals to defund our law enforcement or restrict our right to bear arms directly reduces our personal safety.


Anyone can improve their circumstances in America. In order to do so, equal access to a quality education is essential. California was once the best at it. Today we have many good schools be they public, private, charter or alternative. We also have an abundance of good dedicated teachers and administrators. Unfortunately, the delivery of quality education is impeded by restrictive policies driven by Teachers Union leaderships priority of power in Sacramento rather than the benefit of children.

These policies have shackled students in underperforming schools in lower economic communities by freezing out their options. These families are desperate. Without access to school options, these children only perpetuate their poverty. We have all the resources; the dedicated administrators, teachers and parents. There is more than adequate funding for each student to succeed – California spends an average over $15,000 per year per public school student. All that is required is the political will to insist the students’ interest come first. 

They deserve it, and all of California will be better for it.

Linda Blankenship - Ballot Statement

Linda Dealy Blankenship is a small business owner, a resident of this district since the early 1960’s during California’s Golden Age and raised her family here as well. 

Her key principles are freedom, fiscal responsibility, equal access to quality education, and modeling respect and civility. Linda is running for State Senate as a citizen legislator, because government is careening in the wrong direction. She will be your sure vote for freedom, lower taxes, educational excellence, the right to worship God, and a better future for San Diego.

Government should secure public safety; she will work with law enforcement to make sure our homes and streets are safe. Children must be given equal access to quality education. There are many good public, private schools and good dedicated teachers in San Diego. Recent legislation has reduced student’s options. We need more options in schools, not less. Its’ time to put our kids first. 

No state has ever taxed their people into prosperity. Its’ time for fiscal responsibility and stopping the punishment of businesses and taxpayers. Linda will promote a successful environment for business and the benefits of the good jobs they provide. Linda will vote to represent the best interests of our citizens and limiting the special interests that control government today.