Linda Blankenship

Linda Dealy Blankenship was born in Hinesville GA while her father was serving in the Army. He was a Cuban immigrant who went to college on a football and ROTC scholarships. After working in businesses in Washington DC, Manhattan, and Pasadena, the family eventually settled in San Diego in the mid 1960s – California’s Golden Age.

A pivotal moment for Linda in Junior High School was being challenged with the idea that history was something people either made happen or let happen. Inspired to impact history, she started volunteering for Headstart, in church ministries and for political campaigns. In college, she attempted to study Nursing, but her passions were in her electives: History, Political Science, Cultural Anthropology, etc.

After taking time to marry, start her family and support the family Real Estate business; she continued to volunteer for political campaigns. She was eventually hired to staff and then to manage them. At the peak of her consulting career, she was appointed the Western Regional Political Director for GOPAC. Having stepped back from her political career, she now owns a small business. Being widowed young, she is now married to a high-tech engineer and former Naval Aviator, living in the Carmel Valley area.

Having participated at every level of political campaigns from School Board to Presidential races, she answered the call to challenge the incumbent in the 39th State Senate when no one else would.

Linda has the credentials, the credibility, the sustained trust of her community, and the heart, mind, and determination to defend constitutional policies that protect personal liberties, to govern by incentive rather than mandate, and to drive more economical and compassionate Growth.

Today, will you join Linda and work together to make history happen?

Linda is a small business owner, a mother, a campaign consultant, a wife, and a resident of the district since she was a young child in the early 60’s at the dawn of California’s Golden Age. 

Linda believes in freedom in faith, work, and personal safety.

She is dedicated to fiscal responsibility with economic sanity, equal access to quality education, promoting private sector solutions, and civility.

The 39th Senate District is located within San Diego County and includes most of the City of San Diego north of SR-94, the coastal cities of Coronado, Del Mar, and Solana Beach, and parts of unincorporated Rancho Santa Fe

The district overlays many of the same communities represented by Assembly Districts 77, 78, and 79.

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